For Jess

Jess is an amazing young woman.  Since the age of 16 she has been bed-bound and living in one room in her family home.  She suffers from severe ME.  She is now 21.  But, despite her life of pain and isolation and frequent hospital stays, Jess has founded and runs a charity for sick and terminally ill children from her bed.

I am honoured to call her a friend and would like to support her work. Please watch her video about her life since age 16 at  Also, please visit her website for her charity, Share a Star at

Please share this with others. Jess deserves our support.

You can connect with Jess on Twitter at @JayLETay



Margaret Ford

2 thoughts on “For Jess”

  1. van hoorn marlou

    Thank you Margaret, very touching, brave that the girl presents and shares her
    her life, pain and hopes so openly and honest. With prayers for her and I’ll share and send it
    through friends in Holland. May she be well. I’ll send her a letter too.

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