Sherab Palden Beru Passes Away

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Uncle Sherab

I used to sit at his side and ask for stories.
When I was barely ten years old.
While painting Thankas of many colours
He told me folk tales of Tibet
The epics of Ling Gesar
And life stories of great masters
So colourful and inspiring
Not even slightly distracted from his work.
I have forgotten the big books
That I struggled to study and memorise
But those stories are still fresh in my mind
Giving guidance at every turn of my life.
He was a great artist.
A master in the creation of spiritual symbolism.
He continued to paint Thankas
Until he could no longer see.
He was a great friend to me,
With his kindness and concern;
He helped me to see my pitfalls
Even without mentioning them.
Today he left his body
At the ripe old age of a hundred and one
To continue his work of art
For the benefit of another set of beings.
I know he will be well wherever he goes,
But I will miss him till to my last breath.

By Ringu Tulku

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These words spontaneously arose in my mind when I heard the news that my life long friend Sherab Palden Beru passed away in Samye Ling, Scotland on 29th November, 2012.
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7 thoughts on “Sherab Palden Beru Passes Away”

  1. Dear Rinpoche
    I am sad to hear of your friend’s passing… how I wish all of you, our beloved spiritual friends and guides, would live unimaginably long lives with perfect health – may his return be swift, and may his spiritual art continue meanwhile through his students’ work.
    With love and heartfelt condolences, Eleine

  2. van hoorn marlou

    Dear Rinpoche, sincere condoleances with the (gain) and loss of
    this great friend and uncle to you. As a friend Jan Roelof Boerlage texted me: the poem you wrote is very moving and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing, always in the dharma, Marlou van Hoorn

  3. Dear Rinpoche,
    A poem in your best way of expressing the many connections that you had with Uncle Sherab (as he was so fondly known), and his skill at guiding one on the path when you were so young and passing onto you that skill of story telling. I was aware of his artistic skills that i witnessed at Samye Ling many years ago when his work was on display as it slowely took shape and meaning, a kind and gentle man who was easy to talk to and be with the many tankas on display there are a legacy to his skilful achievement that he left us to wonder at and see for ourselves the many stories within them. The people who have learned under him can carry on his artistic legacy, and he will be in my evening prayers with all best wishes Eric

  4. Dear Rinpoche
    My love and prayers to you and all those who knew and loved Uncle Sherab on the loss of your dear friend and teacher.Many thanks for the inspiring words in your poem which so vividly brought to life an extraordinary human being who so obviously had an incredible impact on you from a young age.
    Annie P.

  5. Karma Jamyang Tashi

    Dear Rinpoche, It was with great sadness that I heard of Uncle Sherab’s passing. He was always an inspirational presence at Samye Ling. I hope he got his telegram from the queen. Whenever there were doubts about the efficacy of the dharma, one only had to look at him and see that love in him to know that the hard work was worth it in the end. He will be missed by many. I hope that your grief will pass soon and that you will find it in yourself to come back to Scotland.

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