Prayers for Sherab Palden Beru

Ringu Tulku is asking his friends and students to say prayers for Sherab Palden Beru who passed away in Samye Ling on November 29th at 3.30pm local time.

“I am sure he will have a smooth journey onward.” – Ringu Tulku

Read Rinpoche’s poem in memory of Sherab Palden Beru

You can learn more about Sherab Palden Beru on Wikipedia.

1 thought on “Prayers for Sherab Palden Beru”

  1. van hoorn marlou

    Such a beautiful picture, that makes one happy, while seeing it.
    Good that pictures capture happy moments for a long time, which
    we can enjoy again and again, and so again they bring back the
    happy moment and warm our heart. Thank you, warm greetings from
    Holland. Marlou

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