Berlin Shrine Room Fundraising Project

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Dear Friends,

Today I am asking you all to try and do the best you can to help Berlin Bodhicharya install heating and insulation systems to the already completed main shrine room in Berlin.

Over the past 9 years Berlin Bodhicharya have devised successful strategies to raise over €2.2 million in donations from the German state, charitable institutions, generous private donors and sangha members. Due a combination of situations which were compounded by the global financial crisis unless Berlin Bodhicharya is able to raise at least €100K by October 2012 they will not be able to use the main shrine room for quite sometime.

I do understand that everyone else is also living in difficult financial times, but I appeal to you to consider doing what you can do to help this project now, for three main reasons.  Firstly, the completed shrine room in the Berlin centre would help us fulfill our three main objectives; healing, helping and harmony. There is a well established outreach facility already in the Berlin centre and a completed shrine room would strengthen the resolve of those helping the terminally ill. Secondly,  the completed shrine room would be the spiritual heart of the Berlin centre where the existing harmony amongst the sangha would be consolidated. Finally, when HH the 17th Karmapa is able to visit us in Europe, as his official personal representative in Europe, I would very much like to invite him to a completed shrine room in Berlin.

We are all part of the wider Bodhicharya family and in these financially difficult times any donation from you would be especially welcome.  To help this project please click on the link below which shows how you can help both as an individual or as a group acting together.


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Ringu Tulku Rinpoche
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