Poetry & Prayers

Remembering Tenga Rinpoche

Lama Chenno!

Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche entered into Samadhi
We have lost another great master
Who lived amongst us and only for us.
We will always miss him,
His immeasurable kindness,
And his tireless work to help us.

At his 80th birthday he declared,
“I never had an obstacle in my life”
All were totally shocked
As he had lost one of his eyes,
One leg and some fingers,
And his other leg was about to go.

Now we do realize
That he was telling the truth.
He had overcome all the obstacles
Even his death was not a problem
It was an act to teach and inspire.
All his life was a teaching and an example.

How fortunate we were!
What a great opportunity it was
To receive his teachings and blessings.
Many people ask me,
“Did you really see an enlightened being.”
Yes, I have and we all have without any doubt.

Ringu Tulku
Gangtok 31st March 2012


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Happy New Year 2012

The year Two Thousand and Twelve has arrived.
Some say this is the end of the world.
Others predict it will be the beginning of a new awareness.
We have just lived through a challenging and eventful year
And it certainly will be another year with lots happening.
But what is the use worrying about the future?

We need to live today the best we can
And create causes for a better tomorrow.
Let us celebrate the freedom of choice that we have.
Who says I cannot make a difference?
I can make a difference to myself and around me.
Isn’t that making enough difference to my world?

My mind goes to those brave men and women
Who offered their lives as lamps for the freedom of others.
My heart is moved by those who came forward to help
People in distress through natural or man-made calamities.
Human spirit of compassion, courage and longing for freedom,
Neither can be crushed by power nor bought with gold.

Let us celebrate that undying human spirit!

Happy New Year.

Ringu Tulku

A Special Birthday Message from Rinpoche

Your loving messages on my birthday
Moved me and encouraged me.

Although a host of great masters taught me
And showered their blessings on me
I remained an idiot just because of my laziness.

If I can bring a slight smell of genuine dharma
In the mind stream of a single individual
I will feel that the efforts of those great teachers
Have not been completely wasted.

Your interest and appreciation of Dharma
Is my strength to live and work in this world.

Ringu Tulku



New Year’s Greetings for 2011 from Ringu Tulku

Another year has passed like a dream.
We observed calamity after calamity.
Are we about to make our world unliveable
With our greed, short sightedness and ignorance?

Watching the Dalai Lama and a host of great beings
I find courage to look at the brighter side.
There is no use lamenting and losing heart.
We all have the fortune to choose what we do.

A little bird poured a mouthful of water on the forest fire.
“This may not put down the fire,” she said,
“But I like to be counted among those who tried to help”.
Let us do something that might help us and our fellow beings.

What an immense challenge we face!
What a great opportunity we have!
With a joyful smile and heart filled with kindness
Let us embrace the challenges of the coming New Year.

Wishing you a most wonderful new year in 2011.

Ringu Tulku

Long Life Prayer for Ringu Tulku

Osel shintu shiwai rangshinley
phogyur dralwa juma tabu ku
namyang dregu tsenma mishey par
chime tse-lhay ngowor tsoshe sol

Unchanging illusion-like appearance
Manifesting from the luminosity of perfect natural harmony
Always unmarked by the signs of ageing and decline
May you remain in the essence of the deity of immortality

by Karmapa Ogyen Trinley

Translated by Ngodup Burkhar

Long Life Prayer for Ringu Tulku (PDF)

Long Life Prayer for Ringu Tulku

“The most peaceful essence of clear light,
Arisen as the changeless form of illusion,
Free from any sign of age and decay,
May he live forever as the Buddha of long life”

Composed by His Holiness Gyalwa Karmapa 17th.

It is recommended that this be recited daily, to protect Rinpoche, promote good health and ensure his long life. Bob Whiteside, from Ireland, requested the Karmapa write this prayer at Bodhgaya during the 26th Kagyu Monlam. It was written on January 17th 2009 and presented to Rinpoche in Siliguri, India at that time.

New Year poem for 2010

Under the Bodhi tree
Dawn to dusk, I prayed
With monks, nuns
And people around the world.

The melodies of chants,
The sweet calls of birds and
The wise words of Karmapa
Brought me peace and joy.

I share this joyful tranquility
To all who love me and
Those who hate me too
May you enjoy a happy New Year.

Ringu Tulku
Bodhgaya 31.12.09

Losar Tashi Delek!

Another year has passed.
Many changes took place
Many dreams got crushed
Loved ones we have lost
Great beings passed away
Sufferings we have seen all around.

We have faced those challenges
Great things have happened
New hopes have arisen
Many things we have learnt
What a year it has been!
There was not a moment of dullness.

Another year is about to start
With the same vigour and excitement
What a challenge it will be
To keep the love in our hearts
And the will to work for our vision
‘To bring love and joy in every heart.’

Wishing you a great year in Fire Pig Year.

Ringu Tulku
18th February 2007.

2006 Christmas and New Year wishes

Let us celebrate Christmas.
Let us celebrate New Year.
Let us celebrate every day, every hour
And every minute of our life.

Let us rekindle love, friendship, gratitude,
joy and enthusiasm in us today.
Let us live today a purposeful and harmonious day,
And tomorrow will be another day of celebration.
Let us live each day as a New Celebration.

Ringu Tulku
Gangtok 23rd December, 2006

Merry Christmas 2003!

It was the merry Christmas day.
The wise men saw a shining star
A baby was born in a humble home.
That was the beginning of a bright new hope.

The star of limitless love,
Can shine in every humble heart.
And that is the beginning of a new hope
For this world that is full of hate.

Love thy neighbors as you love thyself
Do unto others what you want to be done
This Golden Rule of your and all those enlightened
Will ensure us peace and joy on this earth.

Let us remember Jesus on this day.
Let us remember all the messengers of peace.
Let us celebrate a merry Christmas
And try to remember his real message.

Ringu Tulku
24th December 2003