Earthquake in Northern India

 There was a 6.8 earthquake in Sikkim, Nepal and North India which lasted for over 40 seconds the epicentre of which was in Sikkim. The roads to Sikkim are badly damaged. 18 people are so far reported dead and many with injuries. Gangtok is relatively safe and none of my family and friends are affected so far. There were 3 more shocks and people lived outside all night. The extent of damage to life and buildings is not yet known as roads and mobile communication are broken to remote places.
I was going to Gangtok today from Delhi but going to Nepal till roads are open again.
We are all well.

3 thoughts on “Earthquake in Northern India”

  1. Dear Rinpoche, releived to know that you and your family are fine. I hope this situation will improve and that Sikkim and all the nearby countries will not suffer too much. I am sorry about this news. It is strange because I thought of that few days ago, remembering what happenned in Tibet.
    All my love and support if needed, YUMMA MUDRA.

  2. Thank you Rinpoche, for the … information.
    Deep sorrow to hear about the earthquake and losses of lives in Sikkim,
    my prayers and heart is with the many victims and all of you.
    I wish Rinpoche and all his relatives, families much strenght and courage
    to overcome difficulties and give the best of support there, in any way they can.
    I’ll do what I can here and spread the news,
    May all be well, Marlou, Holland

  3. Dear Rinpoche, I heard about the earthquake on the UK news yesterday and hoped very much that you and your family and friends were all safe, so thank you for kindly letting us have your news. Please keep us updated and let us know if there is a way to help.
    warm wishes, Lynda

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