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I am still in Kathmandu. Earthquake in Sikkim was very devastating. So far around 80 people found dead and 300 wounded. Around 2000 buildings damaged some unliveable including the main secretariat building and some monastery buildings also. I heard that Shedra building of Rumtek is also badly damaged. People have died in Tibet, Nepal and some states of India also. It will take some time to restore everything in Sikkim. At the moment shortage of water seems to be a great problem as the water system is damaged.

Love and prayers,

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  1. It seems unbelievable that somthing can shake this huge mountains of the himalaya.
    We are very sorry and hope the very best for all the people in need of help. May they get quick and substantial help! I hope your home and your monastry are undestroyed and all your family and friends are well. Best wishes – Peter and Anne Katrin

  2. Poor people, Rinpoche! May they get quick help! Please let us know if there is something that we can do like. Perhaps collecting money for them from Bodhicharya website like it has been done in the past?

  3. Poor people, Rinpoche! May they get quick help! Please let us know if there is something that we can do. Perhaps collecting money for them from Bodhicharya website like it has been done in the past?

  4. Rinpoche, much love and prayers for all the people suffering there. So sorry this has happened to people already suffering a lot. collecting aid is a good idea

  5. Dear Rinpoche it’s so sad to ear these bad news, natural disasters are always showing us how fragile we are and how certain impermanance is. Imagining what is left of some of the things we can also apprehend vacuity. This must encorage us to practice the more we can, try to remove obscurations to our views and open our hearts to an abiding love and kindness towards all beings.
    I wish that every thing can be restored faster and people and animals can find peace and happiness very soon.
    with love

  6. thank you for telling us what is happening Rinpoche. Love and prayers for all the people who have died and for those who are suffering and please let us know if we can help by sending donations.

  7. Dear Rinpoche, I was sad to hear your news of this disaster. Please let us know if we may contribute in any way, economically or otherwise. I pray that everyone who has been affected may be relieved of their suffering. Love and best wishes, Ole

  8. Dear Rinpoche and friends,
    React with sadness again and deep emphaty with people there,
    praying that help will be quickly available…and help-organisations
    like Red Cross and Doctors without Borders come and reach
    the victims and villages. Here in Holland I will also ask government and
    help organisations to come in action. with prayers, Marlou
    and donnate by bodhicharya-website for water and healing nectar … and
    for restoring Monastery etc.

  9. Dear Friends,

    Rigul Trust has now set up a Sikkim Earthquake Relief Work Appeal, where you can donate funds to the relief work. You will find it in the Bodhicharya Communities, here’s a link to the Rigul Trust page there:

    You will have to register with the Communities network first, if you haven’t done that already. You can do it by clicking ‘Sign up now’ button and filling in your details.

    Love, Minna

  10. Dear Rinpoche,

    You have given much to people here in Scotland through your visits and teachings; I would like to offer help to you and your people at this time of sorrow. I invite others to respond so that together we might be able to raise awareness of the needs of those left bereaved or homeless after the earthquake and perhaps contribute in some way. With love and prayers Taramag

  11. Margaret Richardson

    Rigul Trust is working with Rinpoche on setting up a Sikkim Earthquake Relief Work Fund.

    Tonight, 23.09.2011 we set up a way of donating on the Rigul Trust Bodhicharya Communities website.

    Tomorrow, 24.09.2011 we plan to set up designated DONATE button just for Sikkim Earthquake fund at but we haven’t started this yet and now it’s bedtime!!

    Also tomorrow 24.09.2011 we hope to explain what is happening and how to donate from this website.

    So, please bare with us and keep an eye on and
    We hope to do this tomorrow as I say, but Jude works full time and she needs to configure all these technical PayPal things too!

    Yes, things are very bad in Sikkim, three emails from Rinpoche tonight with a lot of information.
    Rinpoche is well with his mother and family in Kathmandu still.

  12. Dear Dr. Ringu Tulku, I have been very sad due to the earthquake in Sikkim thinking about all the dead people, animals and all the people that have lost their loved ones, their houses and lifestock or income due to this. It’s like my second home and I know it so well with all the stairs and narrow passage-ways and roads and many people living there.
    I wish I was there to help, it’s similar to the feeling of helplessness I had when I was in closed retreat at Rongnyid Drupkhang in the mountains above Gangtok.
    First I dreamt about it and then felt the vibrations from the horrible eartquake in Indian Province of Gujarat on the morning of January 26, 2001. We heard the rumors from the retreat attendant, but had already felt ıt so strongly even though it was on the west side and we in the east side of Himalayas. It’s a terrible feeling when you know so many beings are killed and suffering and you are not able to help. May all Buddhas and protectors send their blessings to this holy place and protect all the wonderful masters reciding there, all the holy places blessed by Guru Padmasambhava himself, so that roads will be opened, food and medicines spread out to all the little villages in the wonderful mountain areas. With great love and thankfulness to what both the teachers and the nature there has learned me. 🙁

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