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Dear Friends,
Hope you are all well.

We are intending to put together a blog style e-magazine on our new Bodhicharya site at The blog will include articles; interviews; poems; reviews of books and films and music and regular features about  health and food.  It will be called  Many Roads‘. But, we need your help and input if we are going to make this a success and a place of real interaction between friends from all over the world.

We are therefore asking for contributions for our blog from anyone who would like to share their thoughts and inspirations and concerns, as well as anything that  may be of help and interest to others.  If you know of anyone whom you or we could interview that would also be great.

As a starting point, it would be good if we could receive contributions about Living the Dharma in the West. Why are you on a spiritual path at all? Has it been a bumpy or smooth path? What and who has helped you? Tell us about your journey.

Contributions are welcome from anyone, there is no need to be a Bodhicharya sangha member or even a Buddhist as we also want to hear from others on a spiritual path from different traditions and religions.   

We hope to go live with our blog e-magazine at the beginning of September but we will need contributions as soon as possible. We will be happy to receive contributions on an on-going basis and hope to post the interesting pieces, I’m sure we will receive, on a regular basis. We have an editorial team who can help with editing and advice on length of articles and interviews etc.

So there is no need to be shy, please just get in touch by emailing us at if you have any questions or if you wish to submit your piece for inclusion in our blog.

With all best wishes,

Margaret Ford
on behalf of the Many Roads team

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