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Schiehallion (Fairy Hill of the Caledonians), Perth and Kinross, Scotland by Yeshe

There has been a lot of talk and a lot written recently about mindfulness.  I came across quite a few websites concerned with corporate-based mindfulness training (CBMT). There seems to have been a transposition of the Buddhist idea of mindfulness incorporated into business in order to decrease stress and improve productivity.  Here is some blurb from a course in New York which features a photograph of uncomfortable-looking execs trying hard to be mindful:

Would you like to make better use of the precious time you have each and every day? Are you looking for opportunities to be more effective, calm, clear, and focused at work and at home? Are you interested in learning techniques to be more responsive and less reactive in everyday living? 

mindful exec

Suits, shirts, shoes and ties seem the appropriate meditation wear for the course.

A course in Mindfulness at Aberdeen University describes the aim of the study as: Mindfulness is an innate capacity of the mind to be aware of the present moment in a non-judgmental way.

David Brazier has a unique take on the current popular interest in mindfulness and calls it the new hula hoop.  He relates that when he visited a neighbour his mother would remind him to be mindful of his manners:  simply to remember where he is and be polite.

Maybe there is something in his straightforward approach to what it is to be mindful.


This Christmas and New Year, please be mindful of those less fortunate than ourselves and radiate love and compassion for all sentient beings.  What better message can there be for this season of celebration.

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Take care and wishing all readers health and happiness in the coming year.

 Haflong, AssamHaflong, Assam


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