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As this will be our last article of 2022, we have the opportunity to review some of the best articles from the past.   Enjoy.

Please take care over the new year and Christmas celebrations and we wish you all a great start to 2023.

Elizabeth Matis-Namgyel considers depression and how it can be a “… catalyst for tremendous learning and spiritual insight if we can bring it into the light of spiritual practice.”  She avoids the question of clinical depression and instead looks deeply at her own experience of taking a meditative approach to the problem.
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Monica Wilde describes herself as a “forager, research herbalist and ethnobotanist”.  She lives in a wooden house and holds foraging courses over many areas.  Her article, The Birth of a New World is a meditative account of her take on life and the hope it engenders.
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Shunryu Suzuki was a Soto zen monk who founded the first zen monastery in San Francisco.  His book, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, has become one of the most popular books on zen Buddhism in the west.  This short piece, Nirvana, The Waterfallis an incisive observation by which we are led into the world of his thought.
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Hello from Goa is a tongue-in-cheek account of a visit to India during the moneterising woes of the population trying to acclimatize to the rapid disappearance of the one thousand rupees banknotes in exchange for a new two thousand rupee note. This segues into the tale of dealing with Indian bureaucracy and the state of marriage.
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War and Peace is a personal account of her observations of nature in the wild and compares these meditative accounts to the cruel nature of war and the actions of humans.  [Should you have access to Facebook, here is a link to a group, Flowers for Peace, where you can post photographs of flowers at any time of year supporting peace in the world.]
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In Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s poem the world is a beautiful place to be born into from his collection A Coney Island Of The Mind, he observes life’s positives and negatives, the ironies, the subtle and the hard truth of death.
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Morning Song by Bernie Hartley is a powerful plea for the healing powers of nature.  The song is inspired by a dream.  The first performance was at a summer camp in France in 2011.   Bernie is a consummate musician on both flute and guitar.  Listen to his version of Finore.  [See Uploads on youtube for more songs.]
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Lastly, here is a collection of photographs from my recent trip to Nepal.  Being a member of a photographic group, I have accustomed myself to considering technicalities like exposure, aperture settings, composition, etc.  But the inexorable flood of photographs now taken with ever-more-sophisticated cameras on mobile phones has now equaled and sometimes surpassed the skill of the photographer.  So here is a short collection of moments during A Sojourn in Nepal.
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The meaning of the Three Bodhicharya Symbols in the logo is explained by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche.  First published in 2014.  Of course, work in the centre in Germany has developed since then.  The History of the progress can be viewed in How Berlin Bodhicharya Began.
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Personal stories, reviews, poetry, videos, photos, etc are welcome.
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Wishing everyone peace and happiness over the festive season.
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