Bodhicharya UK Charitable Objectives


Bodhicharya UK’s charitable objectives are guided by the Bodhicharya principles of Healing, Helping and Harmony as explained in the video by Ringu Tulku below.



We aim to advance the understanding and practice of the Buddhist faith and philosophy by


Providing meetings, teachings, courses and retreats (healing)


Encouraging and participating in intercultural, inter-faith and interdisciplinary dialogues (harmony)


Promoting and supporting wellbeing in body, mind and spirit (healing)


Supporting the relief of those in need (helping)



Healing : Buddha Dharma is regarded to be the Science of Mind. There are facilities for the study and practise of Dharma and other ancient wisdoms originating from both Eastern and Western traditions, which provide a basis for healing body and mind.

Helping : Life is meaningless if we do not do something useful to benefit society and the world we live in. Bodhicharya has already funded schools, clinics, and hospices, and plans to generate similar projects in the future for the benefit of those in need.

Harmony : Peace and progress in the world is dependent upon the harmony of its people. Inter-religious, inter-cultural and interdisciplinary dialogue and study are initiated to help bring better understanding and more harmony amongst communities worldwide.