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White Tara Meditation Group, based in Oxford, is a Bodhicharya group facilitated by Mary Heneghan. They started gathering in 2010 and chose from the outset to meet under the banner, or inspiration, of White Tara – a Buddha or Bodhisattva manifesting in female form. They have developed that inspiration and practice in various ways over the years.



White Tara symbolises the fruition of limitless wisdom and compassion; particularly directed towards creating space for Dharma practice, supporting good health and long life and connecting us to the wisdom of seeing all things, purely and clearly. In these capacities, she supports all spiritual enquiry and practice, which is why the group invited this energy to hold the space of their gatherings.

The group currently meets online, twice a month on Sundays. The format of the main meetings includes: calm-abiding meditation practice, listening to a recorded teaching by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, discussing the teaching and relating it to everyday lived experience; seeing where that naturally takes the group in their reflections. The meetings conclude with a short visualisation of White Tara.

In 2015, Ringu Tulku Rinpoche gave the empowerment of White Tara at the barn in Wolvercote where the group usually meets (see group photo).  Since then, the group has also learned and practiced the traditional sadhana of White Tara and holds a separate meeting once a month, specifically dedicated to studying and practising this together. Anyone from the wider sangha or with sincere interest in studying and practising this sadhana is welcome to join these online gatherings. The image above was painted by R. D. Salga, Ringu Tulku’s brother.

To find out more about Mary, the group and how to get involved, either in-person or online, please see the website here or email Mary at


Mary at Lake Khecheodpalri in Sikkim, a sacred lake associated with Tara, 2013